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A returned merchandise authorization (RMA) can be granted to customers who request to return an item for replacement or refund. Typically, the customer contacts the merchant to request a refund. If approved, a unique RMA number is assigned to identify the returned product. In the configuration, you can either enable RMA for all products or allow RMA for only certain products. The Returns grid lists the current returned merchandise requests (RMAs) and is used to enter new return requests.

Returns grid

RMAs can be issued for simple, grouped, configurable, and bundle product types. However, RMAs are not available for virtual products, downloadable products, and gift cards.

RMA and return workflow

1: Receive Request
Both registered customers and guests can request an RMA. You can also [submit an RMA request] from the Admin.
2: RMA Issued
After considering the request, you can authorize it partially, completely, or cancel the request. If you authorize the return and agree to pay for the return shipment, you can create a shipment order from the Admin with a supported carrier.

3: Merchandise received and return processed The following flow chart describes the operational order to complete the return process:

Product Return Workflow