The Attributes view shows your list of Amazon and Magento attributes. The table list also indicates attributes that have been mapped for product matching. For more information, see Manage Attributes

Attributes view

From the Attributes view, you and review your attribute settings in the table and create or edit an attribute.

View your attributes list

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketing > Channels > Amazon.

  2. Click Attributes in the left-side menu, locate an Amazon attribute, and review your attribute list.

  3. Create or edit an attribute, as needed:

    • Click Create to create and define Matching Attribute Values for the attribute.

    • Click Edit to deactivate or edit the settings or Matching Attribute Values for the attribute.

      Editing an attribute includes changing the attribute mapping for product matching.

Field Description
Country The country for sales activity defined in Amazon Marketplace Country during store integration.
ID Generic attribute value generated by Magento when the attribute is created.
Amazon Attribute Name The name of the attribute imported from Amazon.
Product Catalog Attribute Code If mapped, the Magento attribute assigned to map to the Amazon Attribute Name for matching catalog and listing products.
Overwrite Magento Values If the attribute is set to Overwrite Existing Magento Values in the Attribute Settings, the table shows Enabled. This means that when updated product information for the attribute is received from Amazon, the new information will update (overwrite) the corresponding information for the product in your Magento catalog. This could affect your products listed in your Magento stores.
Status Indicates if the attribute values have been imported into Magento and mapped to a Magento attribute. Options: Enabled / Disabled
Action Indicates the task options available for the attribute. Options: Create / Edit