Empower with Self-Service Tools

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Self-Service Tools
Magento’s self-service model provides an account dashboard that empowers customers to manage their own accounts and ordering process.
Corporate Accounts
The company administrator can set up the company structure and teams of users.
Buyer Roles and Permissions
Set up company buyers with various levels of permission to specific purchasing operations, sales information, and resources.
Payments On Account
Allow companies to make purchases charged to their account, up to the credit limit that is specified in their profile.
Negotiated Quotes
Company buyers can request a quote from the shopping cart, and then negotiate with the seller to reach a acceptable price per line item.
Quote Tracking
A detailed history of all activity related to quotes, including all interactions between buyer and seller during the negotiation process, is available from the company’s account and from the store’s back office Admin.
Order History
From the convenience of the account dashboard, customers can access their order history and easily create new orders based on past orders, track shipments, and print orders, invoices, shipments and refunds.