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Gift Registry Information

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Customers can create and manage gift registries from their accounts. All of the information that is associated with each type of registry is available from the customer’s account.

Example storefront - gift registry information Gift Registry Information

Section Description
General Information The General Information section typically includes the name of the event, a message or description of the event, privacy settings, and event status.
Event Information The Event Information section includes the location and date of the event. For a wedding, it might also include the number of guests each person can bring.
Gift Registry Details The Gift Registry Details might include additional information that is specific to the occasion.
Registrant Information The Registrant Information section includes the name and contact information of each person who is to receive notification of the registry. For a wedding registry, the Role field might be included to associate the registrant as a friend of the bride or groom.
Shipping Address The Shipping Address section shows where gifts are to be sent, and includes the information a carrier needs to deliver the package.