Set Up Your Marketplace Credentials

Before you can install an extension purchased from Magento Marketplace, sign in to your Magento account and verify that you have an active access key. You can sign in to your Magento account from the header of Marketplace or

Your access key is a set of public and private keys that is used to synchronize your Magento installation with your Magento account and verify your credentials. After your account is synchronized, you must enter your private key each time you install an extension or module from Magento Marketplace or upgrade your Magento installation.

You can create multiple access keys for different purposes, and enable or disable them as needed. However, you must use the same access key that was used to install the Magento software. For example, you cannot use a Magento Open Source access key to update or upgrade Magento Commerce, or vice versa. You also cannot use an access key that belongs to another user, or one that is from a shared account.

Create an access key

  1. Sign in to your Magento account.

  2. On the My Account page, choose the Marketplace tab.

  3. In the upper-right corner next to your name, click the down arrow and choose My Profile.

    Your Marketplace Profile

  4. On the Marketplace tab under My Products, click Access Keys. Then, do one of the following:

    • Check to see if you already have a set of access keys for your Marketplace purchases. You can create multiple sets of access keys for different purposes.

    • Click Create a New Access Key. Enter a name for the new key pair and click OK. Valid characters include upper- and lowercase characters, and hyphens instead of spaces.

  5. When complete, click OK.

    Your new access key is enabled and appears in the list.

    Notice the Copy link after each public and private key. In the next step, you will copy and paste these values to synchronize your store with Magento Marketplace.

    Access Keys

  6. Keep this browser tab open, and continue to Synchronize Your Store.