Page Search

The Search box in the upper-left of the page grid can be used to find specific pages by keyword. For a more advanced search, you can filter the search by multiple parameters.

Keyword Search Results

To search by keyword

  1. Enter a search term into the page search box.

  2. Click Search () to display the results. The results include all pages that contain the keyword.

  1. If necessary, click Clear All to clear the previous search criteria.

  2. Click the Filters () tab to display the selection of search filters.

  3. Complete as many of the filters as necessary to describe the page(s) that you want to find.

  4. Click Apply Filters to display the results.

Filtered Search

Search Filters

Filter Description
ID Filter the search by page record ID.
Title Filter the search based on the page title.
URL Key Filter the search by the URL Key.
Created Filter the search by the date the page was created.
Modified Filter the search based on the date the page was last modified.
Store View Filter the search based on store view. Options: (All available Store Views)
Layout Filter the search based on page layout. Options:1 column2 columns with left bar2 columns with right bar3 columnsEmpty
Status Filter the search on the page status. Options: Disables / Published
Apply Filters Applies all filters to the search.
Cancel Cancels the current search.
Clear All Clears all search filters.