Content Staging Workflow

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  1. Create the baseline content. The baseline is the content of an asset without a campaign, and includes everything below the Scheduled Changes section at the top of the page. The baseline content is always used, unless there is an active campaign with changes scheduled for that place on the timeline.

  2. Create the first campaign. Create your first campaign with the start and end dates as needed. To make the campaign open-ended, leave the End Date blank. When the first campaign ends, the original baseline content is restored.

  3. Add a second campaign. Create the second campaign, with the start and end dates as needed. The second campaign can be assigned to an entirely different time period. When creating multiple campaigns for the same asset, the campaigns cannot overlap. You can create as many campaigns as needed.

  4. Restore the baseline content. If all campaigns have end dates, the baseline content is restored whenever all active campaigns end.