After July 2021, the 2.3.x release line will no longer receive quality updates, or user guide updates. PHP 7.3 reaches end of support in December 2021 and Adobe Commerce 2.3.x reaches end of support in September 2022. We strongly recommend planning your upgrade now to Adobe Commerce 2.4.x to help maintain PCI compliance.

Products Grid

The information on this page is intended for Adobe Commerce 2.3 customers who are on an extended support contract. The Adobe Commerce Merchant Documentation for current releases is published on the Adobe Experience League.

All products in the catalog are accessible from the Products page, where you can create new products and edit existing ones. For a multi-site installation, each website can offer a different selection of products for sale from the same catalog.

The Products grid lists all products in the catalog, indicates the website(s) where they are available, and if they are currently enabled for sale. In Magento Commerce for B2B installations with Shared Catalog enabled, the grid includes a column that indicates which products have alternate discount pricing in a shared catalog.

You can browse through the list page by page, or search for specific products. Use the standard controls to sort and filter the list, and apply actions to selected products.

Products Grid

Workspace controls

Control Description
Add Product Initiates the process to create a new simple product. To choose a specific product type, click the down arrow. Options: Simple Product / Configurable Product / Grouped Product / Virtual Product / Bundle Product / Downloadable Product / Gift Card
Export Full Catalog Manually request a full catalog export from Magento Commerce. Outgoing messages will be exported to a .csv file in batches.
Actions Lists all actions that can be applied to selected products in the list. To apply an action to a product or group of products, select the checkbox in the first column of each product. Options: Delete / Change Status / Update Attributes
Filters Initiates a catalog search based on the current filters.
Default View Indicates the current grid column layout. If there are saved grid column views, you can choose another.
Columns Lists all actions that can be applied to selected products in the list. To apply an action to a product or group of products, select the checkbox in the first column of each product. Product list actions include Delete, Change Status, Update Attributes, Assign Inventory Source, Unassign Inventory Source, and Transfer Inventory to Source.
Actions Use the actions to select multiple records as the target of action. The checkbox is selected in the first column of each selected record. Options: Select / Deselect All
Edit Opens the product in edit mode. You can accomplish the same thing by clicking anywhere on the row.

Default columns

Column Description
(Checkbox) Selects multiple records to be subject to an action. The checkbox in the first column of each selected record is marked. Options:
Select All - Selects all records found that match the current filter settings.
Select All on This Page - Selects only the records found on the current page that match the filter settings.
ID A unique, sequential number that is assigned when a new product is saved for the first time.
Thumbnail Displays a thumbnail of the main product image.
Name The product name.
Type The product type.
Attribute Set The name of the attribute set that is used as a template for the product.
SKU The unique Stock Keeping Unit that is assigned to the product.
Price The unit price of the product.
Quantity The quantity that is currently in stock.
Visibility Indicates where the product is visible in the catalog. Options: Not Visible Individually / Catalog / Search / Catalog, Search
Status Indicates the current status of the product. Options: Enabled and Disabled
Websites Indicates the website(s) where the product is available.
Action Opens the product in Edit mode.
Shared Catalog Indicates the shared catalogs that contain custom pricing for the product.