Import History

Maintains a record of data that has been imported into your store, including the start date and time, user, execution time, and a link to the imported file. The Execution Time is the duration of the import process.

View the Import History

On the Admin sidebar, go to System > Data Transfer > Import History.

Data import history Import History

By default, import history files are located in the <Magento-root-directory>/var/import_history folder. If the Remote storage module is enabled, import history files are located in the <remote-storage-root-directory>/import_export/import_history folder.

Field Description
ID An internal number used to designate a transfer.
Start Date & Time A specific date and time when the transfer took place.
User The customer who made the transfer.
Imported file Link for downloading the imported file.
Error file The corresponding error file.
Execution Time Time interval of the import process.
Summary The number of items created, updated, and deleted, or the error message.

To download the Imported/Error file, click Download.