Stores Menu

The Stores menu manages settings that are used less frequently, but referenced throughout your Magento installation, including setting up the store hierarchy, configuration, sales and order settings, tax and currency, product attributes, product review ratings, and customer groups.

Magento Admin - Stores menu Stores Menu

Display the Stores menu

On the Admin sidebar, click Stores.

Main sections


Manage the hierarchy of websites, stores, and store views in your Magento installation, and all configuration settings. In addition, you can set up the Terms and Conditions of a sale, and manage order status settings.


Manage all types of tax functions across your Magento store, set up the tax rules for your store, define customer and product tax classes, and manage tax zones and rates. You can also import tax rate data into your store.


Manage the rates for the currencies that are accepted as payment in your store and customize the currency symbols that appear in product prices and sales documents.


Manage attributes that are used for customer or product information, returns, and product ratings. You can create new attributes, edit existing attributes, and manage attribute sets.

Other Settings

Manage additional settings for reward exchange rates, gift wrapping, and gift registries.