Contact Us

The Contact Us link in the footer of the store is an easy way for customers to keep in touch with you. Customers can complete the form to send a message to your store. A standard Commerce installation displays the default Contact Us form. After submitting the form, a thank you message appears

It is important to understand that the default Contact Us form is rendered directly from code rather than from a CMS page.

Default Contact Us page

The store footer includes a link to the Contact Us page that is available throughout the store.

Contact Us link in footer

The Luma sample data includes additional information on the Contact Us page that shows how you might customize the page for your store.

Contact Us page

Configure the Contact Us form

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Stores > Settings > Configuration.

  2. In the left panel under General, choose Contacts.

  3. Expand Expansion selector the Contact Us section and set Enable Contact Us to Yes.

    General configuration - contact us Contact Us

  4. Expand Expansion selector the Email Options section and set the email contact options:

    General configuration - email options Email Options

    • For Send Emails to, enter the email address where messages from the Contact Us form are sent.

    • Set Email Sender to the store identity that appears as the sender of the message from the Contact Us form. For example: Custom Email 2.

    • Set Email Template to the template that is used for messages sent from the Contact Us form.

  5. When compete, click Save Config.

Customize the content

Method 1: Using sample data

The Luma sample data includes a Contact Us Info block that can be customized for your store. The contact-us-info block can be easily modified to add your own content to the Contact Us page.

  1. On the Admin sidebar, to to Content > Elements > Blocks.

  2. Find the Contact Us Info block in the list and open in Edit mode.

    Contact Us Info

  3. Scroll down to the Content field and make any necessary changes.

    • Use the editor toolbar to format the text, and add images and links.

    • Click Show / Hide Editor to work directly with the HTML.

    Content block - contact us example Contact Us Demo Content

  4. When complete, click Save Block.

Method 2: Without sample data

Starting with the 2.4.0 release, the contact form can no longer call inside a CMS block or CMS page. All customization of the contact form should be done using layout xml or custom theme templates.

By default, shoppers access the contact form using the Contact link in the footer of the storefront page. For more information about customizing the contact page, refer to our Frontend Developer Guide.