The online Configuration Reference has field descriptions for every configuration setting in Commerce. To learn how to apply configuration settings to specific store views, see Configuration Scope.

Configuration Tabs

Admin - configuration Configuration


General configuration determines settings for the store, URLs, theme, currency, email addresses, store contacts, editor, and dashboard reports.


Catalog configuration settings determine product and inventory settings, controls sitemap and RSS feed generation, and specifies the email template that is used to share products with friends.


Security settings configures store security, Two-factor authentication, and the Google reCAPTCHA feature.


Customer configuration establishes basic customer account and login options, newsletter settings, wish list, and the format of auto-generated coupon codes.


Sales configuration determines checkout and tax settings, payment and shipping options, sales email and PDF print-outs, and Google API settings.

Sales Channels

Sales Chanel settings configure the clear log history, background tasks source, debug login, and read-only mode settings. This feature is only available if your Adobe Commerce instance has Amazon Sales Channel installed and enabled.


Services configuration determines Commerce API settings, including SOAP and OAuth.

MCOM Connector

MCOM Connector configuration determines message log behavior, order processing method, custom attributes and order statuses available for export, cron schedule, memory limit settings, and performance monitor output.


Advanced configuration determines default Admin settings, various system configuration settings, advanced module controls, and developer tools (if the store is running in developer mode).