Shipping Policy

A shipping policy should explain your company’s business rules and guidelines for shipments. For example, if you have price rules that trigger free shipping, you can explain the terms in your shipping policy.

To display your shipping policy during checkout, complete the Shipping Policy Parameters in the configuration. The text appears when customers click See our shipping policy during checkout.

Shipping Policy During Checkout

Configure your shipping policy

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Stores > Settings > Configuration.

  2. In the left panel, expand Sales and choose Shipping Settings.

  3. Expand the Shipping Policy Parameters section.

  4. Set Apply Custom Shipping Policy to Yes.

  5. Either paste or enter your Shipping Policy into the text box.

    If you use a word processor to compose the text, make sure to save the document as a .txt file to remove any control characters from the text. Then, copy and paste the text into the Shipping Policy text box.

    Shipping Policy Parameters

  6. Click Save Config.