RMA Customer Experience

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Customers can use either of the following to request an RMA from the storefront:

As a best practice, make sure to include a description of your RMA requirements and process in the Customer Service policy.

If you want to collect additional information related to returns, you can add your own custom returns attributes.

Request an RMA

The Customer completes the following steps on the storefront to submit an RMA:

  1. In the footer, clicks Orders and Returns.

  2. To identify the order, enters the order information:

    • Order ID
    • Billing Last Name
    • Email
  3. Clicks Continue.

    Orders and Returns

  4. Below the order date, clicks Return.

    Order detail

  5. Chooses the Item to return and enters the Quantity to Return.

  6. Sets Resolution to one of the following:

  7. Sets Item Condition to one of the following:

    • Unopened
    • Opened
    • Damaged
  8. Sets Reason to Return to one of the following:

    • Wrong Color
    • Wrong Size
    • Out of Service
    • Other

    Create New Return

  9. If needed, sets Contact Email Address and Comments.

    If the order contains several items and the customer wants to return another item, for example, two out of four, they can click Add Item To Return, select the item, and then set all mentioned options.

  10. Clicks Submit.