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A returned merchandise authorization (RMA) can be granted to customers who request to return an item for replacement or refund. Typically, the customer contacts the merchant to request a refund. If approved, a unique RMA number is assigned to identify the returned product. In the configuration, you can either enable RMA for all products or allow RMA for only certain products. The Returns grid lists the current returned merchandise requests (RMAs) and is used to enter new return requests.

Returns grid

RMAs can be issued for simple, grouped, configurable, and bundle product types. However, RMAs are not available for virtual products, downloadable products, and gift cards.

Column descriptions

Column Description
Select Select the checkbox to select the return(s) to be subject to an action, or use the selection control in the column header. Options: Select All / Deselect All / Select Visible / Unselect Visible
RMA A unique numeric identifier that is assigned to each return
Requested Date and time the return was placed
Order A unique number of the original order
Ordered The date and time the order was placed
Customer The name of the customer or buyer who placed the order
Status Return status. Options: Pending / Authorized / Partially Authorized / Approved / Rejected / Processed and Closed / Closed
Action View opens the return in edit mode

Create a return request

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Sales > Returns.

  2. Click New Return Request.

  3. Click an order with a Complete status to create a return request.

  4. Under the Return Information section, select the Return Items tab.

  5. To add items to return, click Add Items.

  6. Select the checkbox for the required product and click Add Selected Product to returns.

  7. For Requested, enter the number of items to be returned.

  8. Set Return Reason to one of the following:

    • Wrong Color
    • Wrong Size
    • Out of Service
    • Other

    If the reason for the return is different from those listed, you can enter your own if you select the Other option.

  9. Set Item Condition to one of the following:

    • Unopened
    • Opened
    • Damaged
  10. Set Resolution to one of the following:

    • Exchange
    • Refund
    • Store Credit
  11. To create a return, click Submit Returns.

    RMA Items Requested

    The newly submitted RMA request appears on the Returns page with a Pending status.

RMA and return workflow

1: Receive Request
Both registered customers and guests can request an RMA. You can also [submit an RMA request] from the Admin.
2: RMA Issued
After considering the request, you can authorize it partially, completely, or cancel the request. If you authorize the return and agree to pay for the return shipment, you can create a shipment order from the Admin with a supported carrier.

3: Merchandise received and return processed The following flow chart describes the operational order to complete the return process:

Product Return Workflow