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Quote Workflow

All quotes are initiated by the buyer from the shopping cart and follow the same basic workflow.

Step 1: Buyer requests quote
The buyer requests a quote from the shopping cart. The request appears in the My Quotes list in the account dashboard of the buyer and email notification is sent to the sales representative who is assigned to the company account. In the Admin, the request appears in the Quotes grid, with a status of New. A request for a quote can be modified by the buyer until it is opened by the seller.
Step 2: Seller views request and sends response
The seller views the request for a quote. The status of the quote changes to Pending, and the buyer cannot make any changes. The seller responds by offering discounted pricing for the products in the quote, enters a comment, and sends the quote back to the buyer. The buyer and sales representative are notified by email that the seller has responded.
Step 3: Buyer receives response from seller
The buyer clicks the link in the email to open the quote, or opens the quote from the My Quotes page of the account dashboard. The buyer and seller can continue the negotiation process until an agreement is reached, or the buyer declines the quote to end the negotiation.
Step 4: Buyer accepts quote
The buyer accepts the proposed price and continues to checkout. Additional discounts cannot be added to the negotiated quote.