Orders Workspace

The Orders workspace lists all current orders, and gives you the ability to edit existing orders and create new orders. Each row in the grid represents a customer order, and each column represents an attribute, or data field. Use the standard controls to sort and filter the list, find orders, and apply actions to selected orders. Use the tabs above the pagination controls to filter the list, change the default view, change and rearrange columns, and export data.


Workspace controls

Control Description
Create New Order Creates a new order. See Creating an Order for more information.
Go to Archive Displays the list of archived orders.
Search Initiates a search for orders based on the current filters.
Filters Defines a set of search parameters used to filter the records that appear in the grid.
Default View Determines the default column layout of the grid.
Columns Determines the selection of columns and their order in the grid. The column layout can be changed and saved as a view. By default, only some of the columns are included in the grid.
Export Exports the selected records as a CSV or Excel XML file.

Column descriptions

Column Description
Select Select the checkbox to select the quote(s) to be subject to an action, or use the selection control in the column header. Options: Select All / Deselect All
ID A unique, sequential number that is assigned when a new order is saved for the first time.
Purchase Point Identifies the store view where the order was placed.
Purchase Date The date and time when the order was placed. It is always displayed according to the default time zone.
Bill-to Name The name of the person who is responsible to pay for the order.
Ship-to Name The name of the person to whom the order is to be shipped.
Grand Total (Base) The grand total of the order.
Grand Total (Purchased) The grand total of products purchased in the order.
Status The current order status.
Action View opens the order in edit mode.
Allocated sources The sources allocated to that specific order.

Additional columns available

Billing Address The billing address of the customer who placed the order.
Shipping Address The address where the order is to be shipped.
Shipping Information The method that is to be used to ship the order.
Customer Email The email address of the person who placed the order.
Customer Group The customer group to which the person who placed the order is assigned.
Subtotal The order subtotal, without shipping and handling, and tax.
Shipping and Handling The amount charged for shipping and handling.
Customer Name The first and last name of the customer who placed the order.
Payment Method The method of payment to be used for the order.
Total Refunded Any amount from the order that is to be refunded to the customer.
Refunded to Store Credit Any amount from the order that is to be refunded to the customer’s store credit.
Company Name The name of the company who placed the order.