Order Workflow

When a customer places an order, a sales order is created as a temporary record of the transaction. In the Orders grid, sales orders initially have a status of “Pending,” and can be canceled at any time until the payment is processed. After payment is confirmed, the order can be invoiced and shipped.

Step 1: Place Order
The checkout process begins when the shopper clicks the Go to Checkout button on the shopping cart page or reorders directly from their customer account.
Step 2: Order Pending
In the Orders grid, the status of the sales order is initially Pending. Payment has not been processed, and the order can still be edited or canceled.
Step 3: Receive Payment
The status of the order changes to Processing when payment is received or authorized. Depending on the payment method, you might receive notification when the transaction is authorized or processed.
Step 4: Invoice Order
An order is typically invoiced after payment is received. Some payment methods generate an invoice automatically when payment is authorized and captured. The payment method determines which invoicing options are needed for the order. After the invoice is generated and submitted, a copy is sent to the customer.
Step 5: Book a Single Shipment
When the shipment detail is complete, the shipment is booked, and the packing slip and shipping label are printed. The customer receives notification, and the package is shipped. If tracking numbers are used, the shipment can be tracked from the customer’s account.