Creating an Invoice

Creating an invoice for an order moves it to a state in which it cannot be canceled or changed. A new invoice page looks similar to a completed order, with some additional fields. Every activity that is related to an order is noted in the Comments section of the invoice.

Normally, orders are invoiced and captured when the shipping process starts. If the method of payment is a purchase order, or if the payment action is set to Authorize and Capture, the order will be invoiced and payment is captured during checkout. You can generate an invoice with a packing slip, and also print shipping labels from your carrier account. A single order can be divided into partial shipments, which are invoiced separately, if necessary.

When the state of new orders is set to Processing, the option to Automatically Invoice All Items becomes available in the configuration. Some credit card payment methods complete the invoicing step as part of the process when the payment action is set to Authorize and Capture. In such a case, the Invoice button does not appear, and the order is ready to ship.

Invoices are not created automatically for orders placed by using Gift Card, Store Credit, Reward Points, or other offline payment methods.

You must generate an invoice for an order before you can print it. To view or print the PDF, first download and install a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Invoice an order

  1. On the Admin sidebar, click Sales.

  2. In the Operations section, choose Orders.

  3. Find the sales order with the status of Processing in the grid. Then, do the following:

  4. In the Action column, click View.

  5. In the header of the sales order, choose the Invoice option.

    The Invoice option does not appear when the payment action for your specific payment method is set to Authorize and Capture, which auto-generates an invoice, or when and order is placed in which the payment action for your payment method is set to Authorize and the order is invoiced.

    The new invoice page looks similar to a completed order page, with additional fields that can be edited.

    Invoice Sales Order

  6. If the items are ready to ship, generate a packing slip for the shipment at the same time that you create the invoice:

    • In the Shipping Information section, click the Create Shipment checkbox to select it.

      The shipment record is created at the same time the invoice is generated.

      Create Shipment

    • Include a tracking number:

      • Click Add Tracking Number.
      • Enter the tracking information: Carrier, Title, Number
    • Optionally, generate a partial invoice:

      • In the Items to Invoice section, update the Qty to Invoice column to include only specific items on the invoice.
      • Then, click Update Qty’s.

        Items to Invoice

  7. If an online payment method was used for the order, set Amount to the appropriate option.

  8. To notify customers by email when the invoice is generated, do the following:

    • Click the Email Copy of Invoice checkbox to select it.

    • Enter any Invoice Comments. To include the comments in the notification email, mark the Append Comments checkbox.

  9. When complete, click Submit Invoice at the bottom of the page. The status of the order changes from Pending to Complete.

    Submit Invoice (Online Payment Method)

    Submit Invoice (Offline Payment Method)

    Completed Invoice