If Magento Shipping is enabled, the Dispatches grid lists all shipments that are ready to ship. For each scheduled pickup, you can create a Dispatch and printed manifest that includes each package that is to be included, per carrier.


Create a dispatch

  1. On the Admin sidebar, choose Sales.

  2. Choose Dispatches.

  3. Create the dispatch:

    • Click Create Dispatch.

    • Choose the Carrier.

    • Choose the Location where the packages in the manifest are to be picked up. Then, click Next.

      Carrier and Location Selection

  4. Set the date and time of the scheduled pick up:

    • In the Ready At field, choose the date from the calendar.

      Dispatch Date

      The date and time must be at least 30 minutes in the future.

    • Click the Time below the calendar, and set a scheduled pickup time.

      Dispatch Time

  5. Click Finish to schedule the dispatch.

View dispatch details

  1. Find the dispatch in the grid. Then in the Action column, click View.

    Dispatch Information

  2. Review the dispatch information.

    If a problem is encountered while communicating with the carrier, the report will include a failed shipment.

  3. Click Find Solutions to get help resolving dispatch problems.

    Find a Solution

In this example, the problem was caused by a missing or invalid postal code in our sample data.