Checkout Step 1: Shipping

The first step of the checkout process is for the customer to complete the shipping address information and choose the delivery method. For more information, see delivery methods.

If the customer has an account, the shipping address is entered automatically, but can be changed if needed.

  • The format of the street address for the recipient and sender is determined by the properties of the customer address attribute. The input validation setting determines the valid characters that can be used in a shipping address.

The progress bar at the top of the page follows each step of the checkout process, and the Order Summary shows the information entered so far.

Checkout Step 1: Shipping

Select In-store Delivery

A new tab appears during checkout if the in-store delivery is enabled and all ordered products are available at the pickup location.

Checkout: Shipping Method

This shipping method allows the customer to select a pickup location. If the customer has an account, the default pickup location address is selected automatically, but can be changed if needed. When the customer clicks Select other, a list of the available pickup locations appears.

Checkout: Default Pickup Location

For more information about how to enable this method, see In-store Delivery.

Ship to a different address

  1. If there are additional entries in the address book, find the address where the order is to be shipped.

  2. To select the address, click Ship Here.

Add a new address

  1. At the bottom of the Shipping Address section, click + New Address.

  2. Complete the Shipping Address form.

    By default, the customer’s first and last name initially appear in the form.

    Shipping Address

  3. To save the new address in the address book, mark the checkbox at the bottom of the form.

  4. Click Save Address.

    The new address is now selected as the shipping address.

    New Shipping Address Selected

Choose the delivery method

  1. In the list of delivery methods, choose the option that you want to use.

    Delivery Methods

  2. Click Next to continue.