When the checkout process begins, the transaction shifts to a secure, encrypted channel. A padlock symbol appears in the address bar of the browser, and the URL changes from http to https.

From this point on, the goal is to gather the information necessary to complete the transaction. The Checkout page leads the customer through each step of the process. Customers who are logged into their accounts can complete checkout quickly, because much of the information is already in their accounts. Customers associated with a company account that uses purchase orders will have a slightly different workflow.


The first step of the checkout process is for the customer to complete the shipping address information, and to choose the shipping method.


Review and Payments - Regular Order

During the second step of the checkout process, the customer chooses the payment method, and applies any coupons with promotional codes to the purchase. The order confirmation appears after the order is placed. For registered customers, the page includes the order number with a link to the customer’s account, and a link to generate a receipt.

Review & Payment

Review and Payments - Purchase Order

When a customer is associated with a company that has enabled purchase orders, all orders are processed as purchase orders. Available payment methods are determined by the company account.

  1. The customer selects a payment method.

    When using the Payment on Account method, the Custom Reference Number field can be used to reference an invoice number.

  2. The customer clicks Place Purchase Order.

    The purchase order is placed.

If the company has set up Approval Rules, the purchase order will go through the approval process. Otherwise, it will be processed immediately.

Purchase Order Review & Payment