Instant Purchase

Instant Purchase allows customers to speed through the checkout process using information that is saved in their account. When enabled, the Instant Purchase button appears below the Add to Cart button on the product page for customers who meet the requirements.

Instant Purchase

Customer Requirements

The following payment methods can be used to provide secure access to saved credit card information:

To make an Instant Purchase:

  1. In the storefront, go to the product page of the item to be purchased.

  2. Select the required options, then click Instant Purchase.

    Instant Purchase Confirmation

  3. Review the Instant Purchase Confirmation information. Then, click OK to complete the transaction.

    A confirmation message and order number appears at the top of the product page.

Configure Instant Purchase

Step 1: Open the configuration menu

  1. On the Admin sidebar, click Stores.

  2. Under Settings, choose Configuration.

Step 2: Configure Payment Method Vault

The following example shows how to configure the Braintree vault.

  1. In the Sales section on the left panel, choose Payment Methods.

  2. In the Braintree section under Recommended Solutions, click Configure.

    Configure Braintree

    • In the Basic Braintree Settings section, enter the following information from your Braintree seller account: Merchant ID, Public Key, and Private Key

    • Set Enable this Solution to Yes.

    • If applicable set Enable PayPal through Braintree to Yes.

    • Set Vault Enabled to Yes.

      Basic Braintree Settings

Step 3: Enable Instant Purchase

  1. In the Sales section on the left panel, choose Sales.

  2. Configure the instant purchase settings:

    • Expand the Instant Purchase section.

    • Set Enabled to Yes.

    • Enter the Button Text that you want to appear on the button.

      The button text can be changed for each store view, or language. By default, the button text is Instant Purchase.

      Instant Purchase

  3. Click Save Config.

  4. Clear the cache:

    • In the message at the top of the page, click Cache Management.

    • In the upper right corner, click Flush Magento Cache.