Google Shopping ads Channel was disabled on April 28, 2020. See End of Life for more information.

Managing Google Accounts

Google Shopping ads provides detailed status and updates for your Google Merchant Center (GMC) account. After you complete onboarding, monitor your account status through the dashboard. If your account status is not disapproved, review and resolve those listed issues for Google to perform another review. Your account must be approved, with some to all products approved, to display linked products and run campaigns.

Account approval is vital for your GMC account and running ad campaigns.

Requirements for Accounts

You need to complete and configure the following for accounts to be approved. Once approved, products are reviewed and campaigns run.

  • Completed onboarding with a GMC account per URL
  • Verified and claimed the URL assigned to the GMC account
  • Received account approval from Google

Google Account Basics

Understanding the basics and best practices helps you get ahead with managing GMC accounts:

  • Google has guidelines and policies to determine if an account is approved: Google’s Terms of Service and policies on Prohibited Content.
  • If you exceed your Google quota (default is 150,000) for total synced line items (all items in your product feed for all countries), you will receive an account error of too many products. For example, if you sell and promote a product across three countries, the total number counts against your total. Magento cannot extend or affect this quota. To increase your limit, contact Google with this form.
  • When verifying and claiming your URL, Magento attempts the claim process up to five times within an hour after submission. If the URL is not claimed within five attempts, Magento provides a notification with more information.
  • Always check back on your Account and Product Errors to resolve issues. We recommend reviewing and resolving product errors as they can cause account disapprovals. Magento performs validation immediately, listing issues in the Product Errors. Google performs revolving checks on your product updates to complete reviews for corrected and added products.
  • After onboarding completes, we check for product approval and account status with Google every 30 minutes for the first 72 hours of your integration. After the first 72 hours, Magento checks product and account status once every 24 hours.

Have questions? Check out the Google Shopping ads FAQ and best practices to better understand Google and Magento integrations. You can also perform a search for Google Shopping ads in the Magento Help Center for additional troubleshooting topics.

Account and Product Dashboard

When accessing Google Shopping ads, the dashboard provides a list of all linked GMC accounts and products. At a glance, learn more about your product status with Google. If you have disapprovals, click View details to review and resolve Account details.

GMC Account and Product status

Account and Product Information

Option Description
Site URL The website URL targeted by the ad campaign. This identifies your storefront and product catalog.
Google Store Name The name entered when creating your GMC account for your URL, associated to your Magento store. See Google’s About your store name.
GMC Account ID The unique ID generated by Google for your GMC account.
Claim Status The current verification and claim status of your site URL. You must have a claimed and verified URL to receive account approval. See Google’s Troubleshooting your URL verification and claim.

Claimed and Verified: Google completed verification and claiming of the URL for this GMC account.
Unclaimed: The URL is not claimed yet. The claim process may be in-progress.
Account Status The current status of your GMC account with Google. You must have an approved account to get your products approved and run ad campaigns.

Approved: Open and update campaign settings. Be advised, updating budgets and products in campaigns can start a two week relearning period.
Pending Approval: Your GMC account is currently under review by Google. Ad campaigns do not run until the account is approved.
Disapproved: If your GMC account violates a policy or does not meet requirements, it is disapproved. All product reviews and ad campaigns are paused until the issues are resolved.
Products Status The current status of your products associated and mapped to your GMC account. Approved products meet Google product data specifications and Shopping Ads policies. If you sell products of an Adult-Only nature, you must also adhere to Google’s Adult-oriented content policies.

All Approved: All products matching the attribute mapping for the GMC account have been received, reviewed, and approved by Google. If your GMC account is approved and you have create campaigns, ads run for those associated products.
Disapprovals: Some or all of the products for the GMC account do not meet the policies and data specifications. When reviewing disapprovals, we provide details on the issues to resolve and get another review.
Actions Click View details to review Account and Products details. If you have disapprovals or issues, the details pages provide information and links to update products and settings for Google reviews.