Google Shopping ads Channel was disabled on April 28, 2020. See End of Life for more information.

Creating Campaigns

Google Shopping ads supports Smart Shopping ads. Smart Shopping campaigns help simplify your campaign management, maximize your conversion value, and expand your store’s reach.

An important aspect to creating and maintaining your ads is the daily budget. Setting a budget indicates the average maximum amount you want spend for displaying and promoting the Smart Ads per day. Google has intelligent tracking and algorithms to evaluate the popularity of your products, ad displays and click-throughs, and much more. If an ad is popular with significant click-throughs, Google may promote the ad more, possible spending more of your budget. The amounts balance, never exceeding your average, and rolling over amounts not spent from one day to the next.

To learn more about Google Ads budgets, see Google’s Daily budget: Definition and Set a budget for your campaign.

To create a Smart Shopping campaign:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, click Marketing. Then under Advertising Channels, click Google Shopping ads.

  2. Click Create Ad Campaign.

  3. If you have multiple GMC accounts, locate and Select Your Google Merchant Center account.

  4. Select the country of sale for your campaign for the Country to advertise in. If the website store views have product data for that country and locale, content displays in that language.

  5. Enter a Campaign Name.

  6. Enter a Daily Budget to set the average maximum amount you want to spend on your ads per day. If you do not spend this entire amount in a day, the remaining amount rolls over to the next day.

  7. For Select Products for the Campaign, select your products to sell with Google through this campaign:

    • To add all of the GMC products to this campaign, click Select all products in my Google Merchant Center catalog.
    • To add a specific set of GMC products matching attributes and categories to this campaign, click Select Products Using Filters. Select from the drop-down list or start typing to add filters for brand or categories.

      Create a Smart Shopping Campaign

  8. When complete, click Review Campaign.

  9. The Review Campaign page lists all aspects of your ad campaign, including, review the details of your campaign.

    • To make edits, click Edit Campaign.
    • If everything looks accurate, click Submit Campaign. This publishes the campaign on Google. It is active but not running ads until your account and products are approved. When published, the campaign displays in the list on the dashboard.

      Review and Submit the Campaign

Create Smart Shopping Campaign Field Descriptions

Field Description
Select your Google Merchant Center account Specifies the Google Merchant Center account for the campaign. Important: You cannot edit this setting after campaign creation.
Country to advertise in Specifies the country of sale for the campaign. This setting limits which products from your Merchant Center inventory can be advertised in this campaign. It filters products based on the target country associated with the products. Important: You cannot edit this setting after campaign creation.
Campaign Name Specifies the Google Ads campaign name, which can be changed later.
Daily Budget Sets the approximate limit for how much you want to pay for your ads for a specific campaign, on average, per day. If you do not spend the entire amount each day, the remaining amount rolls over to the next day.
Select Products for this Campaign Determines how products are included in the Google Ads campaign. The products used come from the approved products in the Google catalog.

Select all products in my Google Merchant Center catalog: Adds all products in the GMC catalog in the ad campaign.
Select Products Using Filters: Only products matching the designated filter(s) are included in the ad campaign.