Google Shopping ads Channel was disabled on April 28, 2020. See End of Life for more information.

Managing Campaigns

Maintaining and running your campaigns may require editing settings such as targeted products and allocated daily budgets. Before making changes, be advised that Smart Shopping Campaigns have a learning period of two weeks for the Google AI to optimize performance of your ads. Every time you edit and modify a campaign’s budget or assigned products, Google requires another two week re-learning period. If you have submitted product data for the first time or significantly updated existing data in your GMC account, Google may take up to two business days to review the new data. As a result, products in your campaigns may take time to also update.

Depending on conversions and seasons, you may also want to pause or end campaigns to run others, without constantly editing the same campaigns. All campaigns require manual actions to pause, enable (or run), and end. You can create many campaigns to prepare for different seasons and promotions, pausing them until ready to cycle the campaigns.

See the following sections to manage and update your campaigns.

Have questions? Check out the Google Shopping ads FAQ and best practices to better understand Google and Magento integrations. You can also perform a search for Google Shopping ads in the Magento Help Center for additional troubleshooting topics.

To edit a Smart Shopping campaign:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, click Marketing. Then under Advertising Channels, click Google Shopping ads.

  2. For a specific campaign, click Select in the Actions column, then click Edit.

  3. The campaign opens with all settings available to modify. You can update the following:

    Field Description
    Select your Google Merchant Center account Specifies the Google Merchant Center account for the campaign.
    Country to advertise in Specifies the country of sale for the campaign. This setting limits which products from your Merchant Center inventory can be advertised in this campaign. It filters products based on the target country associated with the products.
    Campaign Name Specifies the Google Ads campaign name, which can be changed later.
    Daily Budget Sets the approximate limit for how much you want to pay for your ads for a specific campaign, on average, per day. If you do not spend the entire amount each day, the remaining amount rolls over to the next day.
    Select Products for this Campaign Determines how products are included in the Google Ads campaign. The products used come from the approved products in the Google catalog.

    Select all products in my Google Merchant Center catalog: Adds all products in the GMC catalog in the ad campaign.
    Select Products Using Filters: Only products matching the designated filter(s) are included in the ad campaign.
  4. After making changes, click Publish Campaign.

To manage campaign status:

  1. On the Admin sidebar, click Marketing. Then under Advertising Channels, click Google Shopping ads.

  2. For a specific campaign, click Select in the Actions column, then select an action.

    Action Description
    Enable Activates a campaign and begins running ads. The status sets to Active.
    Pause Deactivates a campaign without ending it. It remains inactive due to being paused, not running again until enabled. The status sets to Paused.
    End Concludes or ends the campaign. The date clears.
  3. The campaign status updates on the screen and syncs to Google. Depending on the action selected, the campaign may require additional time to complete updating.