Google Shopping ads Channel was disabled on April 28, 2020. See End of Life for more information.

Creating a Google Ads Account

Step 3 of 3 for Google Shopping ads Channel onboarding.

With your Google Merchant Center (GMC) created and products in-progress for approval, create a Google Ads account and complete your first Google Ads Smart Shopping campaign.

Wait, I have a Google Ads account! Sorry, but the Google Shopping ads Channel implementation cannot support using an existing account. You must create a new Google Ads account.

When creating your account, you will do the following:

Steps What Happens
Step 1: Google Ads Terms of Service Review and accept the Terms of Service and Prohibited Content policies.
Step 2: Account Settings Configure your Google Ads account settings, activate your account, add a payment method, and update account settings.

Important: Review and complete the configuration settings with care before saving and completing your Ads account. These fields cannot be modified after the account is created.
Creating Campaigns Optional. Create your first campaign as the last step of onboarding, or click Skip to create a campaign later. If you skip creating a campaign, you should still add an Ads payment method and update settings.

You should start in the process after creating your GMC account. If not, click Create Ad Campaign.