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Account Settings

Step 2 of 2 for Ads Account Creation.

Setting Up your Google Ads Account Settings

  • Set your country and timezone in the Google Ads Account Settings page. Currency automatically populates when you select a country.
  • Activate your Google Ads account through an email invitation.
  • Add a payment method in Google Ads.

Important: Review the following information fully and make your configuration settings with care before saving and completing your Google Ads account. These fields cannot be modified after the account is created.

To set your currency and timezone:

  1. For Select Country, select the country of origin for your store.

  2. Currency automatically populates for your store based on the country you selected. You can update or change this setting. For example, if you select United States, Currency is set to USD for US Dollar.

    Important: Once you select a country and currency and create your account, you cannot change the currency. You must also add a payment method and billing settings using the same currency.

  3. For Timezone, select the timezone for your store’s region. The timezone you select affects all store data. For example, reports based on segments of time will generate different results depending on the timezone associated with the account.

  4. When you are finished, click Continue.

  5. A confirmation message displays. If the settings are correct, click Confirm Settings. If you need to modify settings, click Cancel to return to Account Setup.

  6. The Create a Smart Shopping Campaign page opens. Complete the steps to activate your account before creating a campaign.

Don’t forget! You must activate your Google Ads account, configure payment methods in your Google Ads account, and update settings in Magento for your account to go live. If you forget to add a payment method or update Magento settings, you will see a reminder message in the Magento Admin.

To activate your Google Ads account:

You must activate and configure your Google Ads account before you can create active campaign ads.

  1. Check the email you associated with your Google Ads account.

  2. Locate the Google Ads invitation and click the provided link to activate your account.

To add a payment method:

You must add a valid payment method to your Google Ads account. For complete details, see Google’s Choose a payment method.

  1. In a new browser tab or window, log into your Google Ads account.

  2. In your Google Ads account, access your account settings.

  3. Locate the Billing and Payments section.

  4. Add a supported payment method.

  5. In the Magento Admin, continue with the onboarding process.

To update account settings:

As a final step, you must update the payment setting for your Google integration.

  1. On the Google Shopping ads Channel dashboard, click Settings.

  2. In the Google Ads section, click the checkbox for Payment method configured. Any payment method banner notifications will end. Your active campaigns will publish and run with an approved account and products.

Onboarding complete!

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