Edit an Assigned ASIN

You can edit the Amazon ASIN value assigned to a product in your Magento catalog. This is a helpful feature if a catalog product was improperly matched to one of your Amazon listings. Changing the assigned ASIN for the listing does not change the ASIN assigned to a product by Amazon. It only changes the Amazon listing to which your catalog product is matched.

When an assigned ASIN is changed:

  • Magento ends your Amazon listings attached to the old ASIN
  • Validates the ASIN with Amazon
  • Creates a new listing for the updated ASIN
  • Updates listing information in Amazon Sales Channel

Edit an assigned ASIN

  1. View the listing on the Product Listings page (Inactive, Active, or Ineligible tab).

  2. Under Actions, click Edit Assigned ASIN.

    This opens the Product Listing Update page.

  3. For Assign ASIN, enter the new ASIN value.

  4. Click Save Listing Update to save your changes.

Edit Assigned ASIN