Review Reports

If you are using the built-in Commerce Reviews, Review Reports provide information about product reviews by customer and by product.

If Yotpo Reviews is enabled, the built-in Commerce Reviews function and reporting (By Customers and By Products) is disabled. Yotpo Reporting is accessed in your Yotpo account.

Commerce Reviews

By Customer

Review Report By Customers

The Customer Reviews Report lists all customer who have submitted product reviews. The report includes the number of reviews submitted by each customer, and a link to the list of reviews.

By Product

Review Report by Product

The Product Reviews Report lists all products that have been reviewed by customers. The report includes the number of reviews and average rating, the product was last reviewed, and a link to the list of reviews for each product.

Yotpo Reviews

Yotpo is a user-generated content marketing platform that enables merchants to gather, curate, manage, and respond to all kinds of user content from just a single platform. For more Yotpo information, see Yotpo Reviews and Yotpo Reporting.