Managing Your Account

The Klarna Merchant Portal makes it easy to manage orders, view transactions, and generate reconciliation reports. You can also manage your Klarna account settings, and add new users to your account.

Orders are captured with shipping details from the Magento Admin. Klarna also supports post order processing for events such as cancellations, refunds, and fraud.

Klarna Merchant Portal Klarna Merchant Portal

To manage orders:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In the main menu, choose Orders.
    • On the Klarna dashboard, choose Orders.
  2. Follow the instructions to do any of the following:

    • Find an order
    • Export orders

Find an Order

  1. To filter the list, set Status to one of the following:

    • Unacknowledged
    • Uncaptured
    • Captured
    • Cancelled

    Show Show

  2. To find a specific order, enter any of the following into the Search for order box:

    • Customer name and email
    • Merchant reference
    • Klarna reference
    • Order ID
  3. To view the order detail, click the linked Klarna reference number in the first column.

    The amount of detail that is included in the report depends on your configuration. For example, if Fixed Product Taxes are enabled and applicable to the order, the amount appears in the product line item.

    Order Detail Order Detail

Export Orders

Tap Export all (CSV).

Look for the export file in your browser’s downloads list. Then, open the file in a spreadsheet application.

Exported Orders in Excel Exported Orders in Excel

Post Processing Events

Event Action
Canceled Order Sends cancel to Klarna.
Full/Partial Capture Sends capture to Klarna.
Full/Partial Refund Sends refund to Klarna.
Deny If an approved order is later identified as fraudulent, Klarna requests the merchant to try to prevent the order from being delivered. In addition, Klarna attempts to cancel the order automatically by sending notification to Magento.