Klarna Storefront Experience

Klarna appears as a payment method during checkout, if it is enabled in the configuration. When data sharing is used, Klarna can instantly pre-qualify the customer and present the available solutions.

Pay later with Klarna Storefront - Pay later with Klarna

Pay with Klarna

The payment solution presented to the customer might be one of the following:

  • Pay later
  • Pay in X days

Pay later

  1. The customer selects Buy now, pay later.

  2. The customer does one of the following:

    • Adds the purchase to their Klarna account
    • Applies for Klarna credit, and receives an instant decision
  3. After the terms of the credit are approved, the customer clicks/taps Place Order.

Pay in X days

  1. The customer selects Pay later in X days.

    The terms appear below. In the following example, no sign-up is needed and the customer can pay in X days (depending on a market).

    Pay Later in X days Pay Later

  2. To pay later with Klarna according to the terms specified, the customer clicks/taps Place Order.