Klarna Storefront Experience

Klarna appears as a payment method during checkout, if it is enabled in the configuration. When data sharing is used, Klarna can instantly prequalify the customer and present the available solutions.

Pay later with Klarna Storefront - Pay later with Klarna

Pay with Klarna

The payment solution presented to the customer might be one of the following:

  • Pay later
  • Pay in X days

Pay later

  1. The customer selects Buy now, pay later.

    Pay later with Klarna Pay later with Klarna

  2. The customer does one of the following:

    • Adds the purchase to their Klarna account
    • Applies for Klarna credit, and receives an instant decision
  3. After the terms of the credit are approved, the customer clicks/taps Place Order.

Pay in X days

  1. The customer selects Pay later in X days.

    The terms appear below. In the following example, no sign-up is needed and the customer can pay in X days (depending on a market).

    Pay Later in X days Pay Later

  2. To pay later with Klarna according to the terms specified, the customer clicks/taps Place Order.