Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay and Login with Amazon offer your customers a secure and convenient way to pay that is easy to set up, and that helps to increase conversions and sales. Customers who log in to your store with their Amazon credentials can speed through checkout using the payment and shipping information that is already stored in their Amazon accounts.

For international merchants with a region in EU or UK, Amazon Pay provides a multi-currency feature. If you list prices in more than one currency, this feature allows a customer to select their currency and pay the exact amount quoted on the site, without concern for conversion or rates.

Amazon Pay highlights

Changes in the latest releases

  • Enhancements

  • Amazon Pay button placement - Clearer placement of the Pay button on product, cart, and checkout pages
  • Decline messaging - Decline messaging improved and provides better language translations across all Amazon Pay supported regions
  • Password reset link messaging - Improved messaging in the password reset link section