Yotpo Reporting and Analytics

Yotpo Reporting

Yotpo reviews and questions are reported in the Yotpo Moderation Interface. Reporting options are based on your type of Yotpo account. The Yotpo moderation interface allows you to view, sort, search, publish and unpublish, reject, and export your reviews.

Access Yotpo Reporting

To access the Yotpo Moderation Interface from the Admin, go to Reports > Reviews > Yotpo Reviews.

Yotpo Analytics

Yotpo analytics provide information on reviews, emails, and conversions.

Reviews Dashboard

The Reviews Dashboard is your central location for review information such as searching for, filtering, and reviewing reviews. It also provides review information (by product, by date range, and by star rating) and optimization actions such as publishing reviews, commenting, and more.

Emails Dashboard

The Emails Dashboard is your go-to place for detailed performance analytics on content generation emails such as review request emails, requests to answer questions, and coupon emails sent through Yotpo.

Conversion Dashboard

The Conversion Dashboard provides information on visitor interactions with your store and empowers you to convert more of these interactions to sales. Optimize your Yotpo deployment and maximize ROI using the key performance metrics provided in the Conversion Dashboard.

Access Yotpo Analytics

To access Yotpo Analytics from the Admin, go to Reports > Business Intelligence > Yotpo Analytics.