Search Terms Report

The Search Terms report shows the number of results for each term, and the number of times (hits) the term was used. The report data can be filtered by term, store, results, and hits, and exported for further analysis.

View the Search Terms Report

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Reports > Marketing > Search Terms.

  2. Use the controls to filter the report as needed.

    Search terms report Search Terms Report

Export the Search Terms report

  1. For Export to, choose an export format:
    • CSV - A comma-separated value file containing plain text data
    • Excel XML - An XML-based, spreadsheet data format
  2. Click Export. The generated file is automatically saved to your designated folder for downloads.

Column descriptions

Column Description
ID Unique, numeric ID generated for the search term entry
Search Query The query used to perform the search
Store The store where the search query was applied
Results Number of results
Hits Number of uses