Search Synonyms

The standard search functionality described in this topic differs from Live Search. To learn more, see Synonyms in the Live Search section of the user guide.

One way to improve the effectiveness of catalog search is to include different terms that people may use to describe the same item. You do not want to lose a sale just because someone is looking for a sofa, while your product is listed as a couch. Or perhaps they spelled it wrong, or just differently. Is it a sweatshirt, or a sweat shirt? Maybe it is a fleece or a hoodie. You can capture a broad range of search terms by entering all the possible words a customer might use to find your products.

Example storefront - search results with synonyms Search Results

Create a New Synonym Group

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketing > SEO & Search > Search Synonyms.

    The Search Synonyms grid appears. If this is the first time you have used search synonyms, the grid will be empty.

    Search synonyms grid Search Synonyms Grid

  2. Click New Synonym Group and do the following:

    New search synonyms group New Synonym Group

    • Set Scope to the store views where the synonyms apply.

    • Enter each synonym in the group, separated by comma. Choose words that people might use as search criteria. For example:

      • sweatshirt, sweat shirt, hoodie, fleece
      • cell phone, mobile phone, smart phone
      • couch, sofa, davenport
      • wrought iron, rot iron, rod iron
    • To merge these synonyms into a group with others that have the same scope, select the Merge existing synonyms checkbox.

  3. When complete, click Save Synonym Group.

    Search synonyms group grid - saved group Search Synonym Group Saved

Edit a synonym group

  1. In the Search Synonyms grid, click the row of any record to open the synonym group in edit mode.

  2. Make the necessary changes.

  3. When complete, click Save Synonym Group.

Delete a synonym group

There are two methods for deleting a synonym group—from the grid and on the edit page.

Method 1: In the Search Synonyms grid

  1. In the Search Synonyms grid, select the checkbox of the group to be deleted.

  2. In the upper-left corner of the list, set Actions to Delete.

  3. When complete, click Submit.

Method 2: On the Edit a Synonym Group page

  1. In the Search Synonyms grid, click the row of any record to open the synonym group in edit mode.

  2. Click Delete Synonym Group.

  3. When prompted, confirm the removal of the group.