Fetch Product Recommendations from a Different Source

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When you configure a SaaS data space for Recommendations, that SaaS data space collects catalog data and storefront behavioral data. Adobe Sensei analyzes that data and computes product associations used to serve Product Recommendations.

On non-production environments like testing or staging, there is often not much storefront behavioral data (unless automated) to serve Recommendations. Actual shopper behavior at scale is captured only on the production environment.

Adobe Commerce allows you to use Product Recommendations computed in your production environment on other, non-production environments. Use this data in a non-production environment to preview the recommendations that shoppers see, and experiment with different recommendation types and placement locations.

Through the Admin UI in your non-production environment, you can fetch recommendations generated from actual shopper data from your production environment or another environment. To change where recommendations are fetched, specify a different SaaS data space.

Fetch Recommendations from different SaaS data space

Before you begin, make sure that:

  • Storefront data collection is configured and enabled on production.
  • Your non-production environment catalog is largely the same as the one that you have in production. Using similar catalogs ensures that the products returned in the recommendation units closely mimic those on production.
  1. Launch your non-production environment.

  2. On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketing > Promotions > Product Recommendations.

  3. Select Settings.

  4. In the Recommendations source section, enable the Fetch recommendations from a different SaaS data space option. The Recommendations source section only appears in a non-production environment.

    The Available SaaS data spaces list appears.

  5. Select the SaaS data space associated with your production environment or another environment with shopper data that you want to use.

  6. Click Save changes.

    Adobe Commerce will now fetch recommendations from that environment.

    While you can view recommendations fetched from another SaaS data space on the non-production storefront, you cannot click the recommendations.