Compare Products

Compare Products generates a detailed, side-by-side comparison of two or more products. Depending on the theme, the Add to Compare link might be represented by an icon or text. The Compare Products block usually appears in either the left or right sidebar of a catalog page.

Example storefront - comparison list Comparison List

Unlike the Recently Viewed / Compared Products block, the Admin does not include additional configuration settings for Compare Products.

Compare products on the storefront

  1. The customer finds the products that they want to compare and clicks the Add to Compare link for each.

  2. Navigates to an associated category page.

    Depending on the theme and page layout, there might be a Compare Products block in the sidebar. If so, the items in the category that are marked for comparison are listed.

    The customer can click Delete (Delete icon) for any product to remove it from the comparison report, or click Clear All to remove all items and start over with your compare selections.

  3. Clicks Compare.

  4. To print the comparison information, clicks Print This Page.

  5. To remove a single product from the comparison page, clicks Delete (Delete icon).

    Example storefront - compare products Compare Products