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The Trending recommendation type recommends items based on recent momentum of a product’s popularity across your site. Trending products are those often referred to as Trending now, Hot items, and so on.

How it works

Adobe Sensei aggregates browsing and purchase data across your site to determine and rank which products are the most recently popular with your shoppers. Because Trending analyzes recent product momentum, it is an effective recommendation type for catalogs that have a high turnover. If your catalog is more static, it might not be as useful unless the shopping patterns of your audience are highly variable.

The Trending recommendation type can be used on all page types. When used on the home page, Trending recommends items that are recently popular across the entire site. Trending does not display products that are consistently popular, but rather those that have recently become popular. For example, if you have an email marketing campaign promoting certain products, the popularity increase generated by the email will increase the likelihood that those promoted products are classified as trending.

Where used

  • Home page
  • Category
  • Product detail
  • Cart
  • Confirmation

Suggested storefront labels

  • Trending
  • Trending now
  • Recently trending
  • Hot items
  • Trending related products (PDP)


The following image shows the Trending recommendation type on the home page.

Trending on Home Page