Managing Subscribers

As a best practice you should manage your subscription list on a regular basis, and make sure to process any requests to unsubscribe. In some jurisdictions, it is required by law that requests to unsubscribe are processed within a specific period of time.

You can easily manage your subscribers using a simple list of active subscriptions. When a customer submits an unsubscribe request, you can simply apply an Unsubscribe action to one or more selected subscriptions.

In single-site setups with multiple store views, a customer account subscription can be associated with a specific store view.

In multi-store and multi-site setups with a global customer account scope, a customer account can be subscribed to newsletters for multiple sites/stores. In this case, you may want to edit the customer account to manage a group of subscriptions or cancel a subscription for a specific site/store to honor a request.

If you want to use a third-party service to send newsletters, you can export your subscription list as a CSV or XML file.

Manage subscriptions for a customer

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Customers > All Customers.

  2. Find the customer in the grid and click Edit in the Action column.

  3. Click Newsletter in the left panel.

  4. Modify the subscription(s) for the customer according to your site/store setup.

    For a single site/single store setup, you can simply select or clear the Subscribed to Newsletter checkbox.

    Single store customer newsletter subscription checkbox Customer Newsletter subscription - Single Store Setup

    For a single site/multi-store setup, you can select or clear the Subscribed to Newsletter checkbox and set Subscribed on Store View to the correct store view for the subscription.

    Multi-store customer newsletter subscription checkbox and store view selector Customer Newsletter subscription - Multi-Store Setup

    For a multi-site/multi-store setup with a global customer account scope, the page displays the subscription status for all sites. You can select or clear the Subscribed checkbox and/or change the Store View for the subscription.

    Multi-site customer newsletter subscription checkboxes and store view selectors Customer Newsletter subscription - Multi-Site Setup

  5. Click Save Customer.

Cancel a subscription from the Newsletter Subscribers list

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketing > Communications > Newsletter Subscribers.

    For a multi-site setup where some customers have subscriptions for more than one site, each subscription is displayed as a line item in the grid.

  2. Find the subscriber in the grid and select the checkbox in the first column.

    For a bulk unsubscribe, select the checkbox of each subscriber that you want to cancel.

  3. Set the Action control to Unsubscribe and click Submit.

    Unsubscribe newsletter Unsubscribe

    The status of the record changes to Unsubscribed.

Export the list of subscribers

  1. From the Newsletter Subscribers list, use the filter controls to include only records with a Status of Subscribed and for the appropriate website, store, or store view.

  2. Set the Export to control to one of the following:

    • CSV
    • XML
  3. Click Export. Then, look for the prompt at the bottom of the screen and save the file.

    Export newsletter subscribers Export Newsletter Subscribers