Moderate Reviews

To ensure that reviews are appropriate for public display your store, a submitted Magento product review must be approved before it can be displayed. A submitted review is in a Pending status until it is approved or rejected.

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketing > User Content > Pending Reviews or All Reviews.

  2. In the list, click a pending review to view the details and edit if necessary.

  3. Change the Status according to your assessment:

    • To approve a pending review, select Approved.

    • To reject a review, select Not Approved. Unapproved reviews disappear from the list of Pending Reviews page.

  4. If needed, change the values for Detailed Rating, Nickname, and Summary of Review.

    Edit review page Edit review page

  5. When complete, click Save Review.

Button bar

Button Description
Back Returns to the Reviews page without saving changes
Delete Review Deletes the review
Reset Resets any unsaved changes in the review form to their previous values
Previous Opens the previous review
Next Opens the next review
Save and Previous Saves current changes and opens the previous review. This button is displayed if there are other reviews.
Save and Next Saves the current changes and opens the next view. This button is displayed if there are other reviews.
Save Review Saves changes and closes the review edit page