Preparing Your Email Logo

Logos can be saved as any of the following file types. Logos with transparent backgrounds can be saved as either .GIF or .PNG files.

  • GIF
  • PNG

To ensure that your logo renders well on high-resolution devices, the uploaded image should be three times the size of the dimensions that are specified in the header template. Typically, original logo artwork is created as a vector image, so it can be scaled up without losing resolution. The image can then be saved in one of the supported bitmap image formats.

Logo 3X display Logo Three Times Display Size

To take advantage of the limited vertical space in the header, make sure to crop the image to eliminate any wasted space at the top or bottom. When editing the image, be careful to preserve the aspect ratio of the logo, so the height and width resize proportionally.

As a general rule, you can make an image smaller than the original, but not larger without losing resolution. Taking a small image and scaling it up in a photo editor lowers the resolution of the image. For example, if the display dimensions of the logo are 168 pixels wide by 48 pixels high in the header template, the uploaded image should be 504 pixels wide by 144 pixels high.

Logo Dimensions 1 x (display size) 3 x (image size)
Width: 168 px 504 px
Height: 48 px 144 px