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Live Search Workspace

The workspace is where you configure, manage, and monitor the performance of Live Search. The menu at the top of the workspace provides access to each functional area of Live Search.

Faceting workspace Faceting Workspace

Set the scope

Initially the scope of all Live Search settings is set to Default Store View. If your Commerce installation includes multiple store views, set Scope to the store view where your facet settings apply.

Filter the list

  1. Click the Filter by control.
  2. Choose one of the following options:

    • All filters
    • Pinned
    • Dynamic

    Faceting workspace Filter by

Add a facet

  1. Click Add facets.
  2. See Add Facets for detailed instructions.

Column Descriptions

Column Description
Name The facet label that is visible in the storefront.
Select type The selection method that is used to choose a facet value.
Sort type The sorting order of facet values.
Max value The number of facet values that are available as filters, with a maximum of 10.
Option Description
Faceting High-performance filtering that uses multiple dimensions of attribute values to refine search criteria.
Synonyms Extend the reach of search to include words shoppers might use to find products that differ from those in your catalog.
Rules Shape the search experience with logical rules that trigger scheduled actions. Boost, bury, pin, or hide products to calibrate search results in support of your business goals.
GraphQL Developers who are logged into the Admin of your store can compose and test queries with actual catalog data. To learn more, go to GraphQL Overview in the Live Search developer documentation.
Feedback Thanks for using Live Search. Please take a moment to share your observations. Your feedback will be sent directly to our team.
Settings Determine how price facet values are grouped by price range in the storefront.


Control Description
Add facets Opens the facet editor.
Filter by Determines the type of facets that appear in the list. Options: All, Pinned, Dynamic
Move selector Changes the order of pinned facets at the top of the Filters list.
Pin selector Pins or unpins a facet to the top of the filters list. The pin is blue for a pinned facet and gray for an unpinned facet. Options: Blue (pinned), gray (unpinned)
More selector Displays a menu of more actions that can be applied to the selected facet. Options: Edit, Delete