The Header configuration identifies the path to your store logo and specifies the logo alt text and welcome message.

Header configuration settings

Configure the header

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Content > Design > Configuration.

  2. Find the store view that you want to configure and click Edit in the Action column.

  3. Under Other Settings, expand the Header section.

  4. Make any changes needed for the store view:

  5. When complete, click Save Configuration.

Field descriptions

Field Scope Description
Logo Image Store View Identifies the path to the logo that appears in the header. Supported file types: PNG, GIF, JPG (JPEG)
Logo Attribute Width Store View The width of your logo image in pixels.
Logo Attribute Height Store View The height of your logo image in pixels.
Welcome Text Store View The welcome message appears in the header of the page and includes the name of customers who are logged in.
Logo Image Alt Store View The Alt text that is associated with the logo.
Translate Title Store View Determines if the Page Title or Meta Title should be translated.