Reward Points

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The Reward Points section of the customer account shows the current balance of reward points earned by the customer, and a history of their reward point balance.

Reward Points

Update the reward points balance

The reward points balance can be updated from the Admin.

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Customers > All Customers.

  2. Find the customer in the grid and click Edit in the Action column.

  3. Under Customer Information, choose the Reward Points section.

  4. Enter the number of Update Points:

    • To update the reward points amount, enter the number to increase the total points balance.
    • To subtract the reward points amount, enter the negative number you want to reduce the total points balance.
  5. Enter Comments related to the reward points adjustment, if needed.

    Reward Points Balance

  6. Optionally, subscribe the customer to Reward Points Notifications:

    • Subscribe for Balance Updates
    • Subscribe for Points Expiration Notifications
  7. Click Save Customer.

All actions related to reward points are displayed in the Reward Points History block.

Using the reward points during the checkout

If Reward Exchange Rate with Points to Currency direction is configured, customers can use reward points during the checkout.

  1. After adding all needed products into their shopping cart, the customer navigates to checkout.

  2. Enters all required shipping information and navigates to the Review & Payments step.

  3. In the Reward points section, checks the amount of available points and their currency value.

  4. Clicks Use reward points.

Reward Points on checkout

The available points discount is applied to the subtotal.

If the available balance is greater than the order grand total, an additional payment method is not required.

Field Description
Balance Current balance of reward points for client
Amount Balance The amount of the current cash balance
Points The number of added or subtracted points
Amount Amount of money added or subtracted
Rate Reward exchange rate
Website Website to which the reward points history is assigned
Reason Reasons for awarding points:
Making purchases — Every time the customer makes a purchase they can earn points.
Registering on the site - Accrued upon registration (once).
Subscribing to a newsletter - Accrued for the first time subscription (once).
Sending Invitations — Earn points by inviting their friends to join the site.
Converting Invitations to Customer — Earn points for every invitation they send out, leading friends registering on the site.
Converting Invitations to Order — Earn points for each sale resulting from a sent invitation.
Review Submission — Earn points for submitting product reviews.
Created Date and time of reward points update
Expires Amount of expired reward points
Comment Comments when adding or subtracting points