Order by SKU

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A ‘SKU’ is a ‘Stock Keeping Unit’. SKUs generally help online sellers identify the most important product characteristics such as: size, color, price, material etc. Product IDs are different than SKUs:

- The `Product ID` is sequential series of numbers that are used internally to identify products and are not available to customers.
- The `SKU` is generated by the seller, normally based on the product name and attributes for marketing or internal tracking. e.g. A blue, cotton T-shirt, size medium: T-COT-MED-BL. The SKU may be changed by the seller if required.

Normally, a SKU includes a set of abbreviations indicating the distinguishing characteristics of the product. The maximum SKU length is 64 characters. SKUs are very important to effectively track and manage inventory, so setting them up correctly is critical for e-commerce.

Order by SKU gives you the ability to add individual products to your cart by SKU and quantity, or import a list of products from a file.

Order by SKU

Use either or both of the following methods to add products by SKU:

Method 1: Add individual SKUs

  1. Enter the SKU and Qty of the product.

  2. For each additional product that you want to order, click the Add () icon. Then enter the SKU and Qty.

  3. When ready, click Add to Cart.

Method 2: Import a list of SKUs

  1. To prepare the list, do the following:

    • In a spreadsheet, create a file with the column headers sku and qty in lowercase characters.

    • Enter the sku and qty value of each product that you want to import.

    • Save it as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file.

      SKUs to Import

      Microsoft Excel supports several CSV formats, including CSV (Comma delimited), CSV (Macintosh), and CSV (MS-DOS).

  2. On the Order by SKU page, click Choose File and select your prepared CSV file.

  3. When complete, click Add to Cart.

    If any of the products have additional options, you will be prompted from the shopping cart that the product requires your attention.

    Product Requires Attention

    If you entered duplicate SKUs, the quantities will be combined into a single line item in the shopping cart. Before placing the order, check the quantity ordered to make sure that it is correct. If you change the quantity of any item, click Update Shopping Cart to recalculate the totals.

  4. When ready, click Proceed to Checkout.