My Returns

All customer return information is displayed on the My Returns page in the customer account.

My Returns

Create return request from customer account

Only shipped and invoiced orders, with Complete status, can be returned.

  1. From the storefront, the customer logs in and opens their customer account page.

  2. The customer opens the My Orders page and finds the required order with the status Complete.

  3. Clicks View Order.

  4. To create a return request, clicks Return.

    My Orders

  5. Enters the Contact Email Address information.

  6. Chooses the Item to return and enters the Quantity to Return.

  7. Sets Resolution to one of the following:

    • Exchange
    • Refund
    • Store Credit
  8. Sets Item Condition to one of the following:

    • Unopened
    • Opened
    • Damaged
  9. Sets Reason to Return to one of the following:

    • Wrong Color
    • Wrong Size
    • Out of Service
    • Other

    If the reason for the return is different from those listed in Reason to Return setting, the customer can enter their own by selecting the Other option.

  10. If returning more than one item, clicks Add item to return and repeats the previous steps.

    Create New Return

  11. (Optional) Enters an additional comment for the store administrator in the Comment field.

  12. Clicks Submit to create the return request.