My Invitations

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The My Invitations section of the customer account lists all invitations sent by the customer. Customers can send invitations to friends and family for store events, gift registries, wish lists, and so on.

My Invitations

Send an invitation

  1. In the sidebar of their account on the storefront, the customer chooses My Invitations.

  2. On the My Invitation page, clicks Send Invitation.

  3. Defines the new invitation item:

    • Completes the email information.

    • (Optional) Creates a multi-address invitation by clicking + and adding an additional email address.

      A single invitation has a five email address limit.

    • (Optional) Enters an accompanying message.

  4. When complete, clicks Send Invitation.

An invitation notification is sent to the email address of the invited user with instructions link to set the account.

A user can send only one invitation to a specific email address. Trying to re-send an invitation to the same email address results in a displayed error message and the invitation will not be sent.