My Downloadable Products

The My Downloadable Products page links to each order of downloadable products. The downloads become available from the customer’s account as soon as the order is complete.

My Downloadable Products

The following table describes the My Downloadable Products values:

Column Description
Order# The order in which the downloadable product was purchased. Provides a link to the order detail.
Date Order creation date.
Title The name of the downloadable product purchased with the order. Provides a link to the downloadable product.
Status Order processing status.
Remaining Downloads Number of available downloads of the downloaded product.

Download a product

  1. In your account, choose My Downloadable Products.

  2. Find the order in the list and click the download link after the title.

  3. In the lower-right corner of the download window, click the download icon.

  4. Look for the file in the downloads location used by your web browser and choose Download.

    Download Video

To add a product to the My Downloadable Products list so that it is available when you create an order, choose the downloadable product type when adding a product to the catalog. See Downloadable Product