Gift Card

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A gift card is a code consisting of letters and numbers, such as HAPPYBD_GC12, that allows customers to buy gift cards and send them to friends by email or regular mail. Store owners can create unlimited gift cards with different pricing models (product type) and easily track all purchased cards.

How gift cards work on the storefront:

  • The gift card code can be applied in the cart or at checkout to cover the total amount of the order.

  • In the catalog, a gift card is presented as a separate type of product.

  • The gift card code is activated after the order is invoiced. If the order is not paid, the receiving customer cannot use the gift card.

  • Accounts for gift codes are created to track the balance of a specific voucher. A store administrator can manually adjust the balance.

The Gift Card section of your account dashboard can be used to check the balance of your gift card account and redeem gift cards for store credit.

Gift Card

Check status and balance of the gift card

  1. From the storefront, the customer logs in and opens their customer account page.

  2. The customer opens the Gift Card page and enters gift card code.

  3. The customer clicks Check status and balance.

Gift Card Balance

The balance of the gift card is displayed.

Gift card activation

  1. On the Gift Card page, the customer enters gift card code.

  2. The customer clicks Redeem Gift Card.

Message about successful activation of the gift card

The gift card amount is activated and added to the total Store Credit balance.

Store Credit balance

All operations for the gift card balance are available on the Store Credit page.

Apply a gift card during checkout

If the gift card is not redeemable, the gift card code may be applied during checkout.

  1. During the Review & Payments step click Apply Gift Card.

  2. Enter the gift card code, then click Apply. The discount should be reflected in the Order Summary.

  3. Click Place Order to finalize the order.